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Composite Clad Rolls

On Roll composite clad rolls are manufactured in the form of metallurgically bonded HSS (PM) rings onto the forged roll shaft. Advantage of the clad rolls on the ring type composite rolls are ;

  • No sleeve or spaces to worry about
  • Full barrel width can be utilized
  • No dilution between the core and shell material

Composite Ring Rolls

On Roll ring type composite rolls can be an alternative to the cast rolls wherever a higher production rate and better surface finish is needed. This type of composite rolls are made by mounting rolling rings onto a forged roll shaft and fixed them by key elements and bolts (mechanical type) or by hydraulic locking (Hydraulic).

The arbors of our composite rolls are made of high strength forged or rolled low alloy steel with suitable heat treatment.

On Roll ring type composite rolls can be manufactured with mechanical or hydraulic locking system. On Roll ring type composite rolls can be supplied with WC (Tungsten Carbide), HSS or powder metal roll rings depending on application. No of rings on each roll as well as the barrel design is dictated by the mill application and decided in cooperation with mill people.

Composite Roll

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